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Class Overview.

Jamie King and Nike are igniting the world of fitness dance with Nike Rockstar Workout.  Its the perfect blend of athleticism and dance that features the hottest moves pulled straight from the latest videos.  This high energy, one hour long class provides a total body workout. Taken from a dance class format and giving your body the benefits of interval training.

The Nike Rockstar Workout is also designed to encourage self-expression for a dance experience that celebrates each individuals sense of style.  There are no rules and no expectations, just complete freedom to rock your workout.

Who is Jamie King?

Jamie King is one of the most innovative Director/Choreographers working in the entertainment industry today.  In 2004, King directed Madonna's acclaimed "Re-Invention" Tour, the highest grossing concert tour of 2004. 

Most recently, King choreographed Madonna's new music video "Hung Up", was creative director of her live performances at the 2005 European Music Awards, and for for her ground breaking AOL live concert web cast from London. 

In 2005 Jamie King was also creative for both Shakira and Mariah Carey's live performances at the MTV Video Music Awards.  Other Stars that King has work with include Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, J Lo, Prince and many others.

Why Nike?

Nike is the world's leading designer of athletic foot wear, apparel and accessories for a variety of sports and fitness activities.  Nike is on the cutting edge of athletic innovation and has made it its mission to help athletes realize the maximum potential.

As sports evolve beyond traditional courts and playing fields, Nike is once again leading the athletic revolution by adding the sport of fitness dance to its industry leading repertoire.  Nike has created a collection of fitness dance footwear, apparel and accessories that provide comfort, style and performance whether on stage or in the studio.

To add more energy and authenticity to Nike's fitness dance collection, Nike have joined forces with one of the most innovative celebrity choreographers working in the industry today, Jamie King.

Tell me I'm not an athlete.   just do it.