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H.I.I.T BOOTCAMP is the High Intensity Interval Training cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy class combines two of latest disciplines in fitness H.I.I.T and BOOTCAMP. This Class is not for the faint heated but gets results!

Benefits of H.I.I.T BOOTCAMP

Burn calories for weight loss

Tone and shape 

Improve co-ordination

Improve core and posture strength

Increase bone health and density

Improve heart and lung

Can help control insulin levels


H.I.I.T BOOTCAMP is designed around a 45-minute circuit based class (No rhythm required)

What is H.I.I.T training?

High Intensity Interval Training.  This involves working your body up to around 95% of its maximum for short periods of time (between 30 and 120 seconds) and then having a rest period of equal or longer than the work period.

What are the benifits of H.I.I.T Training?

Different studies have shown some amazing results from this style of training.  It burns fat, increases resting metabolic rate (you burn more even when resting) HIIT also significantly lowers insulin resistance and causes skeletal muscle adaptations that result in enhanced skeletal muscle fat oxidation and improved glucose tolerance. HIIT may represent a viable method for prevention of type-2 diabetes.

What is BOOTCAMP Training?

BOOTCAMP is no nonsense military style training.  Usually done with groups of people in a circuit giving a full body work out.  Generally consisting of three phases a warm up, the main circuit and a stretching recovery phase.

Originally popular in the US they were brought over to the UK in 2005 and have been growing in popularity ever since.

What do you need for H.I.I.T BOOTCAMP? Just yourself in Training shoes (running or cross trainers are advisable), Work out gear (Shorts and t shirt are fine, A bottle of water (for when you get thirsty) and A towel (to wipe the sweat!).

Who can do boot camp?  As with all exercise if you are coming from a sedentary lifestyle, on medication or if you are worried about anything it is always worth checking with your doctor first.  This class should be fine for most healthy people.

Where and when can I do H.I.I.T BOOTCAMP?